Welcome to The Gallery where you will find images of Elsie Eldridge’s sketches, watercolour and oil paintings, botanical and bird studies, as well as book illustrations created throughout her lifetime.

The subtitle of this website is Murals to Medici. Here you will see her first Murals (Oil Paintings) and her last publication for Medici (Book Illustrations).

There is a section in this website, The Dance of Life, which looks closely at the mural-panels, so they are not included here.

This section of the website will always be a work in progress as we trace and record Elsie’s works from the four corners of the world.

We welcome owners of her art to provide us with images for inclusion in The Gallery, assuring you that we will not disclose ownership.

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1934/5 Aesops Fables, Brockley School, London ((Mural)
1935 Painting the Dovecotes
1937 River of Life, Bryn Coed,
Chirk (Mural)
1940 RS Thomas (Red Chalk)
1943 Peat Stacks Snowdonia
1954 Dance of Life Panel 4 rejected
1964 France
1965 Poggio Gherardo (from memory)
Italian Landscape (date unknown)
White Rose (date unknown)


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1931 Gentiana Acaulis
1932 Self portrait
1933/4 Still Life Puppets and Dandelions
1934/5 Monk at La Verna
1936/7 Gathering the Harvest
1936 Morning Flight (photograph) Birmingham Museum Trust
1936/7 Carding the Wool
1937 Rain on the hill.
Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield
1937 The sedge has withered from the lake and no birds in it
1937 Women on a Bridge (Italy)
1937 Girls dancing with Cranes
1937 Baptism River Ceiriog Pool
Unknown date and title
1937/9 Poplars Chirk Valley, Manchester Museum
1939 Berwyn Range,
Grosvenor Museum
1939 Foundation or destruction of the Countryside (photograph)
Ibis Club, Prudential Insurance, Chiswick
1939 Design of stained-glass window Llanpumsaint
1941 Baptism in River Ceiriog. Recording Britain
Circa 1941 Montgomeryshire
1941 Gathering Water Lilies,
Llyn Moelfre
1943 Slate Fences Wales
1943 Manafon Apple Tree
1945 RS Sleeping
1947 Hard Winter
1951 Gwydion aged 6
1952 Gwydion’s Treasures
1952 Snow covered trees
1953 Widgeon and Whitefronts
1956 In the boardroom. Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Gobowen
Date unknown
1959 Sanguinaria Canadensis Eglwysfach. Aberystwyth University School of Art Museum
1959 Stony Shore Aberystwyth University
1961/2 Malmaison Rose, Eglwysfach
1963 On Anglesey
1964 Aigaliers, France
1964 Mulberry Bush, Aigaliers
1970 Self-portrait
also known as St Lukes
1977 Passiflora
Poppies in a vase
1988 Cornflowers and Larkspur

Medici cards

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Rosa Alba
Rosa Moyesii
1961/2 Mal Maison
Love in the Mist
1975 Blooded Cranesbill


Wood Mouse & Amanita
1968 RWS
Brown Hare
1980 Forest Friends

Birds & Butterflies

1961 Eglwysfach
1962 ‘with all good wishes for your birthday’
1971 Kingfisher
1971 Redstart
1975 Garden Birds
1975 30th birthday card to Gwydion
1975 Redpoll and Stonechat
1976 Common Snipe
1978 Hawfinch
Turtle Dove at Bardsey
Circa 1980 Whitethroat
Willow Warbler
Song Thrush, Aberdaron

Book Illustrations

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Elsie Eldridge was a prolific book illustrator during the half decade following the end of the Second World War. This was a challenge, but one she was prepared to meet by her training at the Royal College of Art. The college’s principal urged every student to master such marketable skills as book-illustrating.

Her first book, a story for children with color illustrations, was published in 1945, the year her son was born. The next year’s books reveal her versatility. For one, she created illustrations of herbs; in another, her black-and-white drawings accompany a headmaster’s walks in the natural world. Three are books for children. Finally, something completely different: 96 black-and-red illustrations for The Three Royal Monkeys by Walter de la Mare.

No book featuring her work appeared in 1947, but 10 were published in 1948. Six were children’s stories written by Dorothy Richards, with Eldridge’s color illustrations. She turned to surrealism in a fantasy book for adults, The Star-Born by Henry Williamson.

These details allow us to picture Eldridge in the Manafon rectory, during the post-war years of austerity, expanding her creative skills, while earning enough money to supplement her husband’s stipend as a country priest and to pay for a nanny for her son. We can imagine her doing numerous preliminary sketches for creating more than 500 illustrations.

What follows is a list of the 25 books Eldridge illustrated, all but five of which were published by Faber and Faber.

A Home for Mrs Field Mouse

1945, 18 Drawings as Elsie Thomas

Compassionate Herbs

1946, 16 Illustrations

Journey Home

1946, 33 Drawings

Nuts In The Rookery

1946, 33 Illustrations

Spindle Spider

1946, 21 Illustrations as Elsie Thomas

The Bulleymung Pit

1946, 31 Illustrations

The Stones of the Field

1946, Dust Jacket

The Three Royal Monkeys

1946, 96 Illustrations

Adventures in Old Shoe House

1948, 19 Drawings as Elsie Thomas

Bow-Net and Water Lilies

1948, 26 Illustrations

Elixirs Of Life

1948, 17 Illustrations

Flip Frog's New Jumper

1948, 20 Drawings as Elsie Thomas

Merry Merry Maytime

1948, 17 Drawings as Elsie Thomas

Nimbletoes's Birthday

1948, 16 Drawings as Elsie Thomas

Pussy Willow and Bo-Bear

1948, 19 Drawings as Elsie Thomas

Roma Rabbit's Picnic

1948, 17 Drawings as Elsie Thomas

The Merry Folk of Flowerdale

1948, 36 Illustrations as Elsie Thomas

The Phasion Bird

1948 Dust Jacket

The Star Born

1948, 44 Illustrations

South Wales and Monmouthshire

1949, 22 Drawings


1949, 16 Illustrations

Green Medicine

1952 Illustrations not catalogued


1957, 17 Illustrations

Gwenno the Goat

1957 Written and Illustrated by ME Eldridge

Common Ground

1964, 22 Illustrations


1964 Pamphlet Council for Protection of Rural Wales

In My Garden

1983 Written and illustrated by Elsie, 36 drawings

The Sea Shore

1989 Written and illustrated by Elsie, 36 drawings

RS Thomas Collected Poems 1945 - 1990

1990 Dust Jacket


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1930 Leatherhead
1932/33 Self Portrait
1934 Beppe the gardener
Poggio Gherardo
1934 Italy
1934 Bacheldre Hall,
Churchstoke, Powys
1939 Male figure in Ibis Mural
1940 Glascoed
RS & Elsie National Portrait Gallery
1941 Pant Lludw Hay Wagon
1948 Lleyn Welsh Blacks
1967 Vicarage Garden, Aberdaron
RS Thomas
1981 RS Thomas
1989 Self Portrait
1989 RS Thomas
Circa 1988 Memories of Tradesmen
in Wimbledon Circa 1915
Circa 1988 Memories of Events
in Wimbledon Circa 1915