Panel 1

SECTION 1.1 “Man in complete harmony with Nature, exemplified by the dancers celebrating the seasonal festivals of the year with dance and music” M.E. Eldridge SECTION 1.2 “The custom of blessing the crops, going into the fields to place crosses among the crops that they may be abundant and safely gathered” M.E. Eldridge Length of… Continue reading Panel 1

Panel 1.1

Elsie saw Yugoslav dancers at Llangollen Eisteddfod. She borrowed a dress to study the detail. The young couple are representations of her husband and herself. ‘The piper calls the tune for the dance’. Elsie has painted herself as the piper. In Italy, she saw shepherds playing goat skin bagpipes. The grouping of three women is… Continue reading Panel 1.1

Panel 1.2

The different narratives in panel 1 are separated by the slate stones. The boy is Elsie’s son, Gwydion. The woman is Margaret from the village shop in Manafon. Welsh county boundary 1950 Elsie painted hay drying in olive trees in Italy 1934. Blessing the Crops Italy 1934 “The custom of blessing the crops…the ‘natural’ or… Continue reading Panel 1.2

Panel 2

“Just one look at the heavenly sheep panel would remove all gloom” “You are those hills, you are the directions they take, and you are the thing that keeps the wind off the sheep, you are the smouldering sky, the world and all that this fact can be by your mastery of composition.” Sir Stanley… Continue reading Panel 2

Panel 3

“The Beauty of Natural Decay…” The sheep’s skull on the beach links with the previous panel. “…the bone-like structure of the weathered wood skeleton of a boat, the beauty of form and colour of withered, lifeless sea-holly, shells and seaweed” M.E. Eldridge Length of panel 3.5m (11’)

Panel 4

Painted 2 years after panel 5 0.8m x 1.6m In 1954 when the panels were well underway, a folding partition was removed from the dining room. Elsie had to make a panel to fill the space (marked in red). She struggled to match the colours with the panel next to it, painted 2 years before… Continue reading Panel 4

Panel 5

Completed December 1953 SECTION 5.1 “Creation” “Emanations of the first man and woman seek their way into the world” M.E. Eldridge SECTION 5.2 “The Dance of Death” “the joy of making music with the knowledge of death lurking in the veil of life which surrounds them” M.E. Eldridge Panel Length 4.3m (14’) 1948 Illustration by… Continue reading Panel 5

Panel 6.1

Panel 6.1 Started in 1955 Gwydion and his friends were the models for this study. “Man seeks to preserve his life by inventing machines. At sea he uses buoys. These are brought to land where men are cleaning and repainting them. This also depicts man caged by his own inventions.” M.E. Eldridge Details from Panel… Continue reading Panel 6.1

Panel 6.2

The buoy separates the narratives in the panel. The detail of the barnacles show there is life here also. “Man has destroyed or taken freedom from countless wild creatures. A child’s first reaction is to free any creature which man has captured to amuse himself.” M.E. Eldridge “Beneath the nets lying on the ground lurk… Continue reading Panel 6.2